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Godox V850 Ving

A lithium ion battery powered flash.


Posted by Marko Trebušak 18.3.2016 @ 06:34

Winter in Slovenia workshop

We had quite interesting workshop with mixed weather and good company.

It started with mild weather, but luckinly there was surprising amount of afternoon mist, so we started at the hill just outside of Ljublana airport and finished up at lake Bled to take some photos at the dusk.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 14.2.2016 @ 11:34

flash duration

Since flash durations are quite important for high speed photography, and for hot shoe flashes manufacturers aren't very keen to give us this information, I decided to measure duration of flashes I own, or was able to borrow...

Flash duration is another important paramether of high speed photography system. Too slow duration means messy photo, like the one below:

Posted by Marko Trebušak 6.9.2015 @ 16:39

Wildflowers of Vojsko plateau

In preparation for July workshop with Guy Edwardes, I visited Vojsko plateau, a highland above mining town of Idrija

Since Vojsko is quite high, at it's highest point it's above 1100m, I hoped that spring wildflowers would be late enough for our workshop. Unfortunatelly for workshop, but luckily for me, lilys were is full flowering.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 4.7.2015 @ 08:00

backlight birds in flight

Back lighting is in my opinion the most dramatic lighting for flying birds. I had this kind of light in my mind for some time, but only recently I tried it on my high speed set up....

It was a pleasn't experiment. I had quite some difficulties with lighting set up, especialy with front light. It still doesn't look quite right as there is too much shadow under the bird's neck and belly. I'll need to use another type of support, as my light stand can't go any lower.Rollei adaptor performed flawlesly and I didn't need to adjust the focussing point at all from first try! Anyway, here are two photos I like the most from yesterday mornings session:

Posted by Marko Trebušak 22.2.2015 @ 18:14

winter in Slovenia workshop

Together with my good friend Guy Edwardes, we just finished our twelfth in a row winter workshop in Slovenia. The weather was rather mild and mostly without snow. But in all those years we gather a long list of locations, so we were able to get decent amount of good images, although they look more like late autumn than winter.

The week before workshop was quite cold and we still had some snow laying in the lowlands, but when workshop aproaches all that white stuff melted away. For more winterish feeling we hiked the mountain just across the Austrian border, and it was well worth it. Not just for the photos. The hut at the top have a very good apple strudel. But to be honest, after an hour and a half every decent strudel becomes a really good one.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 4.2.2015 @ 06:34

Birds in flight

I was able to put this Rollei system to use....

My bird feede are quite bussy this year. This time I focussed on tits, and here are a few results:

Posted by Marko Trebušak 16.1.2015 @ 19:41

Review of Schneider 180mm 2,8 lens for Rollei 6000 system

Since I can't use my Canon lenses on Rollei adaptor, I bought Schneider 180mm lens, and here is a short review..


Posted by Marko Trebušak 20.12.2014 @ 15:02

the die is cast

I'm in a possession of, what I think is the best system for trip-wire photography currently on the market... so the die is cast and there are no more excuses not to start taking flying birds seriously

It's almost winter time and drab condition in landscape made me focus on high speed photography once more. There are some technical details I would like to share with you.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 6.12.2014 @ 19:37

Autumn workshops in Slovenia

We are running this workshops for over ten years now. This year we concentrated on larch trees on Mangrt pass

Together with my English friend and excellent landscape photographer Guy Edwardes we run photographic workshops in Slovenia for over ten years with lots of research both on computer and on terain, we manage to stockpile enough locations, that we can almost guarantee, that our participants will come home with interesting photos in almost every weather and light conditions possible.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 30.10.2014 @ 08:06