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Boeing B17

This bomber was hit by a German FLAK over ocupied Maribor in year 1944. Pilot managed to bring it to Croatioan island of Vis, where Yugoslav Parizans maitained a emergency runway. Airplane was bady damaged and so pilot landed on the sea. Crew survived, only deadly wounded navigator was left in the plane. Photo was taken by underwater photographer Borut Furlan, who also told me the story of this aircraft.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 29.11.2012 @ 10:37

End of summer heat - time to start printing again

During the summer months I realised, that I really can't control speed and contrast of the process. Now that the temperatures came down to reasonable levels, it's time to start printing again.

Posted by Marko Trebušak 20.9.2012 @ 09:59